A look at the Defence news 25 – 31 January

The Netherlands has decided to also combat ISIS in east Syria with targeted air strikes. In addition, the government will increase its contribution to the international fight against this terrorist organisation with political and humanitarian means. A summary of the Defence news in the week of 25  - 31 January.

Archive image: an armed Dutch F16 taking part in the fight against ISIS.

Archive image: an armed Dutch F16 taking part in the fight against ISIS.

Fight against ISIS expanded on multiple fronts

The bombings in east Syria increase the effectivity of the fight against ISIS in Iraq. Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert: "This more flexible deployment will lead to increased results for the coalition. The progress being made in Iraq will only be sustainable if we prevent ISIS from coordinating the fight, sending reinforcements and claiming lives from within east Syria. Disrupting the supply lines in east Syria is therefore crucial."

Defence selects 'invincible' team for the Invictus Games

The Defence organisation has selected a 30-strong team for the Invictus Games, which will be held from 8 - 12 May in Orlando, United States. This will be the second edition of this international sporting event for (former) military personnel who were injured during service. The Netherlands team will take part in nine different event: athletics, bench press, cycling, archery, indoor rowing, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleybal and swimming.

Border Security Team helps migrants suffering from hypothermia

The Border Security Team on the Greek island of Chios, which will be fully operational by the first week of February, were faced with nearly 200 migrants at the end of January. This took place on one day, whilst carrying out their border control task. The passengers risked the crossing from Turkey on three rubber boats. The Netherlands Border Security Team on Chios operates under the flag of the European border patrol agency Frontex. At Greece's request, the BST is helping to control the enormous influx of migrants.

First professor of cyber warfare calls for Dutch leading role

Defence has the first professor of Cyber Operations and Cyber Warfare of the Netherlands in its ranks. On 27 January, Brigadier General Paul Ducheine of the Military Legal Corps accepted his chair at the Netherlands Defence Academy and the University of Amsterdam. During his oration in Amsterdam, he spoke about the persistent myths surrounding digital warfare and law.

Defence and Delft University of Technology launch satellite collaboration

The Defence organisation and Delft University of Technology will collaborate on the development, build, launch and deployment of a very small satellite. On 27 January, both parties signed a declaration of intent, which should result in the launch of what is known as the nanosatellite in 2017 or 2018.