Emergency passport application

Based on your personal details, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee will assess your application for an emergency passport. You must provide the required documents yourself.

Conditions for obtaining an emergency passport

You can only obtain an emergency passport if you meet the following conditions:

  • You cannot obtain a passport or identity document in time.
  • You cannot postpone your trip.
  • The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee must be able to ascertain your identity and nationality.
  • You must ensure that documentary evidence is available (see below).

Documentary evidence for application of an emergency passport

You need the following documentary evidence to show that you need an emergency passport: 

  • Travel documents, such as flight tickets and hotel reservations.
  • An envelope containing a recently certified copy of the entry in the Persons Database stating your nationality. This envelope must also be closed and sealed by the municipal authorities. Certified means that the document is a certified copy of the original.
  • An envelope containing a certified copy of your recent application for a new travel document (RAAS form). This envelope must also be closed and sealed by the municipal authorities.
  • A valid proof of identity, such as a Dutch driving licence.
  • A recent passport photo that meets all requirements.
  • Other travel documents, if applicable.
  • If you have lost your travel document: a certified copy of the official document reporting a loss.

From 1 January 2018, an emergency passport costs € 47.00.

Emergency passport for a child

If you apply for an emergency passport for a child, both parents/authorised persons must be present for signature. If only one of the parents is authorised by the court decision, you must present this decision. For the rest the same conditions as in other situations apply.

Issue of emergency passports

In the Netherlands, you can apply for an emergency passport at the following Royal Netherlands Marechaussee locations:

  • Brigade Grensbewaking, Departure Hall 1, Emergency Documents Office;
  • Brigade Noord-Holland, IJmuiden post (near ferry);
  • Brigade Drenthe-IJsselstreek, Groningen Airport Eelde post;
  • Brigade Oostgrens-Noord, Enschede post;
  • Brigade Zuid-Holland, Rotterdam Airport post, Hoek van Holland location, ;
  • Brigade Brabant Zuid, Eindhoven Airport;
  • Brigade Limburg Zuid, Maastricht / Aachen Airport.

In the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, emergency passports are issued by the governors. The Dutch representations abroad also issue emergency passports.

Validity emergency passports

An emergency passport may only be used as a travel document, and not as proof of identity. In addition the emergency passport is only valid for the length of the travel. Some countries set additional or different requirements for travel documents, such as visa requirements. You can ask the embassy or the consulate of the relevant country if the emergency passport is accepted in that country.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee accepts no liability if your trip cannot go ahead or cannot go ahead on time. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee also accepts no liability in case your application cannot be processed in time as a result of a heavy workload.

More information

For more information, please contact the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee on telephone number 0800-1814 or from abroad +31 (0) 20 603 80 63.