Earthquake in Turkey: the Dutch contribution

Between 23 August and 2 September, air force personnel from 334 Squadron, led by Captain W.J. Hofmijster, took Red Cross relief supplies to the disaster area in Eastern Turkey in 4 F-27 Troopships. The 1st Troopship, laden with 20.000 tins of baby food, set off from Ypenburg air field for the Turkish capital, Ankara, on Tuesday 23 August.

Relief supplies to Turkey

The next day, the plane flew on to Erzurum, on the edge of the disaster area. The relief goods were handed over to a representative of the Turkish Red Crescent (the Islamic equivalent of the Red Cross) at the airport.

On Thursday 25 August, a 2nd plane arrived in the disaster area carrying 7 crates of medicines, 600 blankets, 5,000 bars of soap, 1,000 emergency packages from the Netherlands Junior Red Cross and another 7,200 tins of baby food. 3 days later, a 3rd Troopship brought in 1,000 blankets, 4,500 tins of baby food and 30 crates of bandages. The last plane took 23 large tents to Erzurum on 1 September 1966 and returned the next day.