Minehunting in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez

29 August 1984 - 6 December 1984
Military personnel

In the months of July and August 1984, merchant shipping in the Gulf of Suez and the southern part of the Red Sea was rocked by explosions. Nearly 20 ships ran into sea mines and sustained serious damage.

Merchant shipping under pressure

The Islamic terror organisation Jihad claimed responsibility for laying 190 sea mines. This put the free movement of trade shipping between Europe, East Africa, the Middle East and Asia under pressure.

Deployment of minehunters

The Arabic nations were not able to resolve the problem themselves and asked various countries to supply mine countermeasures units. Netherlands was one of the countries to offer assistance. The government of Saudi Arabia gratefully accepted the offer and requested the deployment of minehunters in the Red Sea near the port of Jedda.