Embargo on the Danube: the Dutch contribution

Bulgaria, Hungary Romania asked the WEU at the end of 1992 to enforce the arms and trade embargo on the River Danube too. On 17 April 1993, the Security Council approved this Danube operation, which started on 2 June 1993. The operation was conducted by 255 police and customs officials, who worked at the Coordination and Support Centre in Calafat and the checkpoints in Calafat (Romania), Ruse (Bulgaria) and Mohacs (Hungary).

Inspection teams

The staff of the checkpoints in Ruse and Calafat were divided among inspection teams comprising four WEU inspectors, one Romanian and one Bulgarian customs official, a harbour master and an official from the United Nations Sanctions Assistance Mission. The inspection teams in Mohacs included Hungarian officials rather than Romanian and Bulgarian officials.

Dutch contribution

The Dutch contribution consisted of 20 people: 7 customs officials, 4 police officers and 9 marechaussees. The 1st marechaussee left for the mission area on 7 June 1993, followed by his colleagues later that month. The number of marechaussees was gradually reduced to 5 after 2 years, and the last Dutch WEU inspector went home on 11 October 1996.