WEU in Mostar (Task Force Mostar)

23 July 1994 - 31 October 1996
Military personnel

In April 1993, the Bosnian Croats broke off cooperation with the Muslims. This resulted in heavy fighting in Central Bosnia and in Mostar. Under pressure from the US in March and April 1994, the Muslims and the Croats sought reconciliation and decided on 10 May 1994 to establish the Muslim-Croat Federation (MCF).

One of the provisions in the agreement of 10 May was for the demilitarisation of Mostar, where Muslims and Croats had occupied positions opposite each other on the banks of the River Neretva, which transected the city.

181 officers

The European Union (EU) was to take on the administration of the city from 23 July 1994. The EU contracted out the establishment and the supervision of the Unified Police Force Mostar (UPFM) to the Western European Union (WEU). The WEU member states and 3 associated countries together provided 181 officers: Task Force Mostar. The WEU operation ran until 30 September 1996, when the United Nations International Police Task Force (UNIPTF) took over the tasks.