The Dutch contribution to Multinational Advisory Police Element (MAPE) and the European Commission Police Assistance in Albania (ECPA)

The Dutch government supplied MAPE with 3 members of the Marechaussee in May 1997.

The 1st officer, Lieutenant Colonel J.F.C.M. Timmermans, went on 15 May. He became head of MAPE's Border Police Branch, whose task it was to advise the authorities on the organisation of border control. An officer and an NCO followed in July and September 1997. The number of Marechaussee personnel increased in the course of 1998 to 9, including a colonel who, besides being the head of MAPE operations, was also the senior national representative. The mission was terminated on 31 May 2001.

Dutch police and Royal Netherlands Marechaussee personnel

6 western European countries supplied ECPA with a total of 13 experienced police officers, supplemented with a 12-strong support staff. The Netherlands provided 2 people, a civilian police official and a Marechaussee officer. The latter was responsible for the strategic development of basic policing. The mission was terminated in August 2002.