The Dutch contribution to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Albania

The Ministry of Defence provided a military assistant for Ambassador D. Everts, the Dutch diplomat who headed the OSCE delegation.

Additional personnel

This military assistant was withdrawn when Everts left for Kosovo in June 1999. The Dutch military presence in the OSCE in Albania was increased twice in 1998, on 7 May and 21 June, with the addition of 1 officer on each occasion, bringing the total to 3. One of them was stationed in the OSCE headquarters and the other was an observer.

The number of military personnel was reduced by 2 at the end of 1999. In March 2002, based on cost considerations, the OSCE decided to transfer the tasks of the remaining military personnel to Albania. Dutch participation in the mission therefore ended on 25 September 2002.