The Dutch contribution to Operation Allied Harbour

On 12 April 1999, the Dutch government decided to participate in Operation Allied Harbour. The core of the Netherlands’ contribution consisted of the headquarters of the Second Marine Battalion, a marine infantry company, a logistics combat service support company, a Royal Netherlands Army transport company and a field hospital.

The Dutch detachment was supported by 3 Chinook transport helicopters of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and an Engineer Corps unit. The amphibious transport dock HNLMS Rotterdam played a crucial role in the deployment. It subsequently provided logistic support between the forward logistic site of Albania Force (AFOR), which was in the Italian port city of Bari, and Albania.


The Dutch contribution formed part of Task Force Romeo, a Dutch-Belgian partnership within AFOR commanded by Colonel Tom Wesselingh of the Netherlands Marine Corps. Task Force Romeo’s headquarters were in the Albanian port city of Dürres. In addition to this base, there were forward posts in Kükes and Mjedië. The helicopter detachment was stationed at an air base in Farkë.