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Training mission in Tanzania

The East African state of Tanganyika was granted independence in 1961. Under the leadership of President Julius Nyerere, ...

Mission | 1965 - 1965

United Nations India-Pakistan Observation Mission (UNIPOM)

Straight after the Second World War, the differences between Muslims and Hindus in colonial British India turned out to be ...

Mission | 1965 - 1966

Earthquake in Turkey

During the last century, Turkey was struck repeatedly by major earthquakes. One of them was in 1966. On 16 August, the town of ...

Mission | 1966 - 1966

Operation Aqua Vita

In the second half of October and the beginning of November 1966, Central Italy was hit by heavy rainfall, with particularly ...

Mission | 1966 - 1996

Netherlands Engineer Team Assisting Bihar (NETAB)

During the summers of 1965 and 1966, India was faced with severe drought. Large parts of the Indian population were at risk of ...

Mission | 1968 - 1969

The Tunisia Company

In the last week of September 1969, the North African country of Tunisia was hit by severe flooding. Devastating flood waters ...

Mission | 1969 - 1970

Pakistani civil war emergency relief

When British India was decolonised in 1947, the Indian Muslims were granted their own state, Pakistan, split into West Pakistan ...

Mission | 1971 - 1971

Air lift in Sudan

Sudan became independent on 1 January 1956. In theory, the new state was secular, but in practice Islamic principles formed the ...

Mission | 1972 - 1972

Food distribution in West Africa

In the years prior to the summer of 1973, there had been virtually no rainfall in West Africa. The severe drought brought famine ...

Mission | 1973 - 1973

Sahel detachment in Darfur

Between 1968 and 1974, the Sahel had had virtually no rainfall, not even in the rainy season. Severe famine was the result. ...

Mission | 1974 - 1974