Digipilot HP1D

Digipilot is an official digital nautical publication.

The product provides you with all necessary information required for voyage planning, such as:

  • sailing directions
  • supplementary port information
  • tidal information
  • the, Deep Draught Planning Guide (Greenwich Buoy to Europoort (HP8))
  • Mariners Routeing Guide for the Southern North Sea (1970)

You can explore the content of this publication in different geographic and thematic layers. The product covers the Dutch and Belgian coasts with the main inland waterways up to and including the ports of Antwerpen (Belgium) and Emden (Germany).

Digipilot is an official equivalent of paper publications HP1 (Netherlands Coast Pilot) and HP33 (tide tables and stream atlases) in accordance with SOLAS V2.2 and SOLAS V19.2.1.5. You may replace HP1 and HP33 by Digipilot, provided that appropriate back-up arrangements are available (for example print facility or a second installed program).

Download Digipilot edition 4.7

You can choose from 3 versions:

To install Digipilot version 4.7 for Mac-OSX, download and save the ZIP file on your computer. Unpack it and start the 'Digipilot Installer.mpkg' file.

Before installing Digipilot version 4.7 for Windows, you must delete the previous one from your computer. Go to Start > Control panel > Software > Digipilot 4.6, select remove.


Digipilot is an official digital nautical publication in accordance with SOLAS, and therefore has to be kept up-to-date. Any updates will be announces by NtM. In order to update the product you need to download the complete new edition. Version 3.0 and associated updates (till 3.16) is expired.