Coastal waters according to the Water Framework Directive

This zipfile contains the boundaries of the Coastal Waters according to the Water Framework Directive. This Directive specifies a zone of 1 nautical mile off the coast as the outer boundary of the river basins of the Eems, Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt rivers. More information on this zip file is available below the download.

Specifications of the geographic data

The data are expressed in the geodetic datum WGS84. For this application, it may be assumed equal to ETRS89 and NAD83.

Each zip file contains 3 data formats:

  • ESRI SHAPE for ArcGIS (extensions DBF, PRJ, SHP and SHX, including metadata in XML format).
  • KML for Google Earth (extension KML). The instruction 'How to use KML-files in Google Earth' describes step by step how to use KML-files in Google Earth.
  • A simple ASCII format (extension TXT). This format contains degrees, arc-minutes and arc-seconds for first geographic latitude and then longitude.

Reduction of density

The curved shape of the normal baselines and the  limits requires a high nodal density. For some applications, lines with less nodes are necessary. The TSP program reduces nodal density of ASCII files with a TXT extension.

Terms of use

This product is free to download. Use of the product for any purpose is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The data provided may not be used for navigation, because the data sets are not linked and are not updated according to the Notices to Mariners.
  2. The Hydrographic Service reserves the right to exercise its moral rights (Article 6bis, Berne Convention) in respect of the reproduced materials that contain the data provided.