1 (German/Netherlands) Corps

The 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps was established in 1995. Its headquarters is in the German city of Münster and it is one of the NATO High Readiness Forces (Land) Headquarters. After deployment, it can be fully operational within 20 days, both within and outside the NATO area. The headquarters is capable of directing an international force of 50,000 troops.

Staff HQ 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps

The staff of the 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps headquarters is made up of over 400 military personnel and civilians. Most staff positions are equally divided between Germany and the Netherlands. Approximately 70 positions are filled by military personnel from other NATO and EU member states. English is the working language at the headquarters. 

Tasks of 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps

The tasks of 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps entail:

  • the defence of NATO territory, as part of the NATO main defence force;
  • the execution of peace operations;
  • the execution of missions under UN leadership;
  • the execution of humanitarian missions and national tasks, such as disaster relief during flooding.