Division Schnelle Kräfte

From June 2014, 11 Airmobile Brigade and its 2,000 military personnel will become part of Division Schnelle Kräfte (DSK), a newly established rapid intervention unit in which German and Dutch military personnel collaborate.

Collaboration will allow optimum use of both personnel and equipment, as well as offer advantages for education and training. As the army personnel of the 2 countries employ the same operating methods, the deployment of troops will also be easier. Furthermore, merging the Dutch brigade with the German units will allow financial savings to be made.

Learning from each other

The German units within DSK, numbering about 8,500 personnel, are specialised in airborne operations, i.e. soldiers parachuting from aircraft. The Dutch Airmobile Brigade is specialised in airmobile operations, i.e. the transport and landing of troops by helicopters. Airmobile operations can also be combined with air assault operations. The objective of integrating the 2 disciplines is the exchange of expertise between the 2 countries’ units.

Deployment for operations

The Division Schnelle Kräfte must be ready for carrying out operations by 2018. The Netherlands and Germany will decide separately on any deployment of DSK troops of their own nationality.

Division command

A German-Dutch staff will lead the division from its base at the German town of Stadtallendorf. The staff must be operational by 2016. The troops will remain stationed at their current locations. 11 Airmobile Brigade is currently stationed at Schaarsbergen and Assen.