Extended Air Defence Task Force

In the Extended Air Defence Task Force (EADTF), a missile defence organisation, the Netherlands cooperates with Germany in the area of ground-based air and missile defence.

Tasks of the EADTF

The EADTF coordinates, plans and carries out missile defence. The organisation also supports combined activities such as operations, exercises and training. EADTF personnel are from Germany and the Netherlands. There is also a small number of observers from the United States, France and Poland.  

Thanks to its independent position, the EADTF can, if required, mediate between entities, organisations and/or countries. The EADTF also provides expertise in the areas of active defence, command and control and operational intelligence. These activities can be carried out for the participating countries and in a NATO and coalition context.

The EADTF has been making use of the facilities at Air Command Ramstein in Ramstein-Miessenbach, Germany since 2008.