A look at the Defence news 21 – 27 November

The technical failure of an operating system component was the cause of the helicopter crash that killed Captain René Zeetsen and First Lieutenant Ernst Mollinger in Mali last year. A look at the Defence news 21 – 27 November.

An Apache battle helicopter from the Royal Netherlands Air Force flying over Mali.

An Apache combat helicopter from the Royal Netherlands Air Force flying over Mali.

According to the committee of inquiry, the technical failure was due to the design of the operating system component. The relevant component has been replaced in all Dutch aircraft. The commission believes there is no way the airmen could have prevented the accident; the severity of the technical failure made it impossible for the crew to operate the aircraft.

Special forces help anti ISIS coalition in combat operations

The Netherlands and Belgium are deploying Special Operations Forces (SOF) advise & assist teams for the fight against ISIS in Iraq. The groups will advise and support units of the Iraqi armed forces and Kurdish fighters (Peshmerga) in the preparation, execution and evaluation of combat actions. The teams will advise and support in operational planning, leadership, coordinating fire support and analysing and processing experiences. The new teams themselves will not take part in combat actions.

Services coordinate air support during Purple Windmill

Netherlands military personnel cooperated with other nationalities during 2 exercises. The close air support exercise Purple Windmill was held in the Marnewaard area in the province of Groningen. In this exercise, military personnel on the ground coordinated the deployment of weapons by a fighter aircraft. In the French Alps, dozens of RNLA troops trained with French colleagues in requesting and leading fire support in the mountains under winter conditions.

HNLMS Rotterdam concludes contribution to Libyan coast guard training

HNLMS Rotterdam has finished Operation Sophia. Since 19 October, the ship served as a sailing training platform for the training and instruction of Libyan coast guard and navy personnel. The vessel was responsible for the accommodation, meals and afloat support during training sessions. Yesterday, the Libyan students carried out the final exercise on board.  The Royal Netherlands Navy vessel will now return to Den Helder for leave and maintenance.