MilAIP: information for the aviation sector

Aircrews and air traffic controllers must comply with rules that apply in Dutch airspace. Applicable legislation and regulations are set out in, among other documents, the Military Aeronautical Information Publication (MilAIP). MilAIP contains details about military flights over the Netherlands.

Always consult this publication together with the one for civil aviation, the Civil Aeronautical Information Publication. In addition, use the Notices to Airmen (NOTAM series) that apply to the Netherlands.

Downloads Military Aeronautical Information Publication

Changes to procedures communication with recreational pilots

Recreational aviation is more popular now than ever. More and more people are taking an interest in small-scale civil aviation, including MLA pilots (2-seater), propulsion pilots, glider pilots and scale-model pilots. At times, these enthusiasts also use airspace that falls under the jurisdiction of AOCS Nieuw Milligen.

Owing to this increase in airspace users, military air traffic controllers are becoming harder to reach via the existing radio frequencies on which the Flight Information System (FIS) operates. Because of this, part of the information exchange between recreational pilots and military air traffic control is to be reorganised.

Information sessions on this topic were held in 2017 and 2018, during which the civil light-aviation industry was informed about the upcoming changes. This took place through the agency of the Royal Netherlands Aviation Association (Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Luchtvaart) and the AOPA Aircraft Owners/Pilots Association.

What will change?

2 new nationwide information systems will be introduced: REFIS and MASIS.

REFIS stands for the Regional Flight Information System. Its reach spans the Netherlands, from 1,000 feet upwards. MASIS is the Military Aerodrome Status Information System. Both systems support the FIS in the airspace controlled by AOCS Nieuw Milligen.

The additional radio frequencies will be:

  • 136.225 MHz, channel 136.230 (northern and central Netherlands)
  • 136.300 MHz, channel 136.305 (southern Netherlands)

MASIS will be installed at military bases and will be operational outside of their regular opening hours. If a pilot approaches a military air field and transmits a signal at the relevant tower frequency, he or she will be sent an audio recording via an automated system in response. This recording will include the status of and particulars about the air field.