Approvals, accreditations and recognitions

Which organisations, internal or external of the Ministry of Defence - the Netherlands, have been approved by the MAA-NLD? There are 3 types of approval.


The MAA-NLD assesses Dutch military organisations based on the military aviation regulations and issues an approval to organisations that meet the requirements.


Organisations external to the Ministry of Defence - the Netherlands that supply military aviation products need also to comply with the military aviation regulations. The MAA-NLD assesses organisations and issues a certificate of approval when the requirements are met.

The approval of organisations external to the Netherlands Ministry of Defence is called accreditation.


The MAA-NLD recognises foreign military authorities to enable the use of their products and services. Vice versa, these authorities recognise the MAA-NLD for the same purpose. This international system of mutual recognition is still under development.

The accreditation and recognition processes are described in NLD-SMAR-4.

[Overview of recognised and recognising Military- and Civil Airworthiness Authorities]