Genealogical research – Royal Netherlands Navy

Are you looking for information about ancestors who (may have) served with the Royal Netherlands Navy? What you can find and where you can find it mainly depends on the date of birth of the person in question. 

Navy personnel born before 1850

Much archive material about naval personnel born before 1850 has been lost. You may still find useful information in the following places:

Navy personnel born between approx. 1850 and 1908

Are you looking for information about an ancestor who served as a professional service member (not as a conscript) with the Royal Netherlands Navy? And was this person born between approximately 1850 and 1908? You can search the list of personnel files to find out if the Netherlands Institute of Military History possesses a file on this person. You need to know  the person’s exact date of birth. If the NIMH has a personnel file for the person you are looking for, you can ask to consult this file in our reading room.

The content of those files can vary strongly: some of them contain no more than a card with the name and rank of the person in question. Other files yield bulky collections of documents and papers describing an entire life in the military.

Navy personnel born after 1908

Are you looking for information about navy personnel born after 1908? For service records of Royal Netherlands Navy personnel born after 1908, please contact:

Netherlands Ministry of Defence
Afdeling Semi-Statische Archiefdiensten (SSA) (Semi-static Archives Services)
P.O. Box 7000
6460 NC Kerkrade
The Netherlands

You can only contact the SSA by letter. You need to include the date of birth and full name of the person you are looking for, as well as a copy of your own identity document.