Geneological research – World War II merchant navy

The Netherlands Institute of Military History (NIMH) possesses the personal details of almost all crew members of the Dutch merchant navy during the Second World War.

London Merchant Navy Collection

The NIMH also manages the London Merchant Navy Collection. This collection contains, among other things, the personal index cards of all crew members of the Dutch merchant navy during the so-called militarised period of 1940-1946.

Access to this collection is limited. You will usually have to sign a 'Statement pertaining to archive research' prior to your search. You can contact the NIMH for more information.

Personal index cards

The personal index cards in the London Merchant Navy Collection are divided into the following categories: Ocean-going trade, Coastal trade, and Foreigners.

These cards contain the following details of every crew member of the Dutch merchant fleet:

•    date and place of birth;
•    the ships on board which he served;
•    the original shipping company;
•    the person’s position on board;
•    the person’s pay and pension;
•    the person’s conduct.