The Netherlands has various military museums. These are often coupled to a particular Service or particular units. 

National Military Museum

The National Military Museum is located in Soesterberg, at the former Soesterberg Air Base. This museum will focus on the importance of the Netherlands armed forces in the past, and their relevance in the present day and the future. In addition to its remarkable collection, the National Military Museum will also feature spectacular visualisations of historic battles and recent peace missions. 

Naval Museum

The Royal Netherlands Navy Museum lets you experience the past and present of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The museum’s 3 naval vessels that are on display, the submarine ‘Tonijn’ being the most striking of them, are most impressive. Former crew members tell you all about their experiences on board the vessels.

Visitors address and e-mail: 
1781 AA Den Helder 
The Netherlands
+ 31 (0) 223 - 65 75 34 

The Marine Corps Museum

Make acquaintance with the adventures of the marines. What is it like to work in the desert or jungle? And how do marines survive such difficult conditions? Discover the important role that sea soldiers have played throughout the history of the Netherlands, from 1665 up until the present day.

Visitors adress and e-mail: 
Wijnhaven 7-13 
The Netherlands    
+31 (0)10 - 412 96 00 

Royal Netherlands Army museums and Army collections

Many museums and collections are army-related. Most army museums and collections are open to the public free of charge. Note that the opening times of the smaller Army collections are restricted.