Master Compliance and Integrity in International Military Trade

The Faculty of Military Science of the Netherlands Defence Academy offers the academic master’s programme Compliance and Integrity in International Military Trade (CIIMT). This 2-year English part-time master’s programme is also available to students outside the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. 

What is the effect of US trade policy on Dutch trade in strategic goods and services? What role does the EU’s common security policy play in relation to your organisation? How can you deal with non-compliant behaviour in your organisation? How can organisations structure compliance and integrity? If you are interested in and curious about these subjects, then the unique, English-taught, academic master’s degree programme in Compliance and Integrity in International Military Trade (CIIMT) may be for you. Upon successful completion of the masters programme students receive a Master of Science (MSc)degree. 

Content of the master’s degree programme

In this degree programme, you will study and examine management issues concerning the international trade in strategic goods and services. These issues often include ethical, economic, organisational, legal and strategic elements. The topics covered include: 

  • International trade and business in defence markets;
  • Strategic trade law; 
  • Managing (non-)compliance and integrity in organisations;
  • Designing and monitoring internal compliance programmes.

This master’s degree programme will enable you to use the latest scientific knowledge and insights to answer management questions concerning strategic trade and will provide reference points for setting up an effective internal compliance programme.

Structure of the master’s degree programme

The part-time programme lasts for 2 years. It consists of 9 modules of 5 ECs and concludes with a thesis of 15 ECs. Each module consists of 5 weeks of independent study, 1 contact week and 1 week that is dedicated to experiential learning. The lectures are given in Breda. The programme entails a self-study load of approximately 20 hours a week. The programme starts once every 2 years. The next start will be in September 2023. More information about the structure of the master’s degree programme and the individual modules is provided in the study guide.

"The content of the programme is both interesting and relevant and makes a valuable contribution to my daily work’ (2nd-year CIIMT student)."

Admission requirements

At a minimum, candidates must have completed a university bachelor’s degree programme in a relevant field or comparable programmes such as the ‘old’ long-model programmes of the Royal Naval College (KIM) and Royal Military Academy (KMA) of the Netherlands. Proof of proficiency in English is required for admission to the master’s degree programme. More information about the admission requirements is provided in the Teaching and Examination Regulations.

Remedial education programme

Candidates who hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a university of applied sciences may be admitted to the master’s degree programme after completing a deficiency programme. The deficiency programme can be completed online (with the exception of the assessments) and has a maximum study load of 35 credits under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). For more information about the deficiency programme and admission, please contact the coordinator of the CIIMT master’s degree programme by e-mail to

"The master’s degree programme has provided me with knowledge about and insight into the complex world of weapons export control, integrity and compliance’ (2nd-year CIIMT student)."


The programme is free of costs (excluding the textbooks) for Netherlands Ministry of Defence employees who are employed on the basis of a permanent employment contract. This also applies to foreign military students of NATO and civilian and military personnel of other NATO bodies.

For other candidates, the programme costs € 10,000 per academic year (excluding the textbooks), i.e. € 20,000 for the entire programme.

Registration and enrolment

It is possible to register from 1 February to 15 May 2023. Before that period, you can make your interest known by e-mail to You will then receive the application form after 1 February.

Information meetings

Information meetings about the master’s degree programme are scheduled for:

  • 9 February 2023 18.00-19.00 hrs (Kromhoutbarracks, Utrecht);
  • 9 March 2023 18.00-19.00 hrs (online).

You can register by e-mail to For the online meeting, you will receive a link following registration. If you are not an employee of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence and wish to attend, you must report the following details for the meeting on 9 February 2023: your name, date and place of birth, and the ID- and document number that you will be using to identify yourself at the guard.

More information

If you have any questions or comments about the CIIMT programme, please send an e-mail to