Scientific publications

Are you interested in the publications written by the NLDA’s scientists? You will find these in NARCIS, a database of publications.

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Recent NLDA publications

Most recent dissertations:

  • Multimodal surveillance. Behavior recognition for analyzing stress and aggression. Author: Dr. Julia Lefter.
  • Robust and Agile UAV Mission Planning. Author: Dr. Lanah Evers.
  • International Human Rights Law and the Law of Armed Conflict in the Context of Counterinsurgency. Author: Major Dr. Eric Pouw (mr.).

Most recent books:

  • Moral responsibility and military effectiveness (NL Annual Review of Military Studies 2013). Editors: Prof. Herman Amersfoort, Dr. René Moelker, Prof. Joseph Soeters and Prof. Désirée Verweij.
  • Defending neutrality. Author: Prof. Wim Klinkert.
  • Het vierde wapen [The Fourth Weapon]. Author: Dr. Floribert Baudet.
  • Military adaptation in Afghanistan. Editors: Prof. Theo Farrel, Air Commodore Prof. Frans Osinga and Prof. James A. Russell.
  • Principles of loads and failure mechanisms. Author: Prof. Tiedo Tinga (ir.).
  • Search theory. Editors: Prof. Steve Alpern, Dr. Robbert Fokkink, Prof. Leszek Gasieniec, Dr. Roy Lindelauf and Prof. V.S. Subrahmanian.

Knowledge and research plans:

Knowledge and research reports:

  • Education and Research Report FMS 2013 (annual report for the public).
  • Education and Research Report FMS 2012 (annual report for the public).
  • Annual Research Report 2013.
  • Annual Research Report 2012.