Netherlands School for Peace Operations

The Netherlands Ministry of Defence organization provides training courses for international United Nations military observers and tailor-made courses for civilians who will be deployed to high risk areas, including personnel from the National Police, the International Criminal Court and the Dutch Association of Journalists.

These courses are provided by the Netherlands School for Peace Operations (SPO, School voor Vredesmissies, SVV). This school is also responsible for the mission-orientation training programme for military and civilian personnel going on missions abroad.

Exchange programmes

The school works closely together with Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Fo(u)r Peace Central Europe (4 PCE). There are regular instructor exchanges with these countries as well as with other Peacekeeping Training Centers.

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International training courses in 2024

UNMOC (United Nations Military Observer Course)
For military personnel with the rank of Captain, Major or Lieutenant Colonel who will be deployed as military observer, military advisor or military liaison officer on a UN or EU mission (includes the mission-specific training program).

  • UNMO 2024-1: 12 June till 05 July 2024 (in total 15 places)
  • UNMO 2024-2: 03 October till 25 October 2024 (in total 15 places)

Course director: Captain Kim Blok, E-mail:  

UNPOL (United Nations Police Course)
For members of civilian and military police and Gendarmerie forces who will be working as Individual Police Officer on a UN or EU mission. (Includes the mission-specific training program.)

  • UNPOL 2024-1: 08 April till 26 April 2024

Course director: Captain Kim Blok, E-mail:

Free E-Learning
The SPO offers in cooperation with Peace Operations Training lnstitute free e-learning on peacekeeping, security and humanitarian relief operations. How to sign in?

  1. Go to:
  2. Click Sign Up.
  3. Insert SPO into the program eligibility code box when you create your student profile.

HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)

  • HEAT Netherlands Police Force National Unit.
    For members of the Netherlands Police Force National Unit who will be going on a mission.

  • HEAT Reporting in Conflict Areas.
    For members of the Dutch Association of Journalists.

  • HEAT International Criminal Court (ICC).
    For International Criminal Court personnel.

  • HEAT Institute for International Criminal Investigations (IICI).
    For Institute for International Criminal Investigations personnel.

Course leader for the HEAT-programmes is captain Jac Breur. Contact via the Planning and Programming Office:

Contact details

For questions or additional information, please contact the Planning & Programming Office:

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