Detailed information about the UNMEoM Training Course

  • Target audience
    This training course is intended for national and international officers with the rank of captain, major or lieutenant colonel who are, or will be, assigned to serve as UN Military Experts or UN Military Observers with the United Nations or with another international organisation. The course also accepts instructors from other international schools for peace operations.
  • Course objectives
    Educate and train officers to serve as fully qualified UN Military Observers in United Nations peace support operations.
  • Entry requirements
    National driving license. English language proficiency: listening and speaking: good; reading and writing: fair.

Training courses in 2020

UNMEoM 2020-1: 10 June-3 July 2020 (10 seats).
UNMEoM 2020-2: 18 November-11 December 2020 (20 seats).

  • Invitations: sent via the Defence attaché of your country’s accredited NLD Embassy approximately 4 months before the start of the training course. 
  • Location: Netherlands School for Peace Operations, Harskamp, The Netherlands.
  • Duration: 4 weeks.
  • Methodology: the school uses a mixture of lectures, lessons, demonstrations, exercises, role-plays and discussions to prepare and train the participants.
  • Course Director: Captain D. Stalknegt, mobile phone +31 6 53 29 03 59, (when no response: +31 6 30 56 06 69), e-mail:
  • Costs: tickets financed via the Netherlands Defence attaché in your country or region.
  • Priority: participants from countries engaged in UN peace support operations (Minusma, Amison, UNMISS, UNTSO, Unamid, etc.).

Course contents

  • General lectures: course introduction, administration, teambuilding, evaluation.
  • Core pre-deployment lectures: introduction to UN peacekeeping, principles of UN peacekeeping, mandates in UN peacekeeping, how UNPKOs function, international humanitarian law, human rights protection, women, peace and security, protection of children, working with mission partners, conduct and discipline, respect for diversity, intercultural communication, power and ethics, personal security, UN security management system, conduct after capture, health information, stress management, crater analysis, ammunition awareness, recognition, DDR, negotiation and mediation, interview techniques and first contact, communication techniques in practice, liaison, media relations, reporting, briefings introduction, briefings in practice, training days.
  • Additional lectures: observation and monitoring, patrolling, map reading/compass theory, map reading/compass skills in practice, GPS theory, UN communications theory, UN communications skills in practice, gathering and handling information, daily work and life while on a mission, driving skills, investigations and safety information.
  • Final exercise: 5-7 days of field exercise plus preparation.

Contact details

For all information and questions regarding training courses at the Netherlands School for Peace Operations, please contact the Planning and Programming Office at

Visiting address
Generaal Winkelman Barracks
Otterloseweg 5
6732 BR Harskamp
The Netherlands

Postal address
School for Peace Operations
P.O. Box 9
6732 ZG Harskamp
The Netherlands