TSP 3.4.1.

TSP simplifies the maritime limits and zones available for download on our website. The program reduces the number of points of an ASCII file with line information. TSP uses the Douglas-Peucker algorithm. More information on this zip file is available below the download.

Warning: this program is intended for a limited group of users who are familiar with its objective and functionalities.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 95 or higher;
  • Processor: Pentium;
  • RAM: 64 MB;
  • Disk space: 12.7 MB.

Terms of use

This product is free to download. Use of the product for any purpose is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Commercial use of the product is prohibited, with the exception of activities for which the Hydrographic Service has granted explicit permission. This means that you may not, for example, generate a substantial income directly or indirectly from the product provided. This also applies to the provision of this product to others free of charge in a manner damaging to the commercial interests of others.
  2. You are not permitted to make the product available to others without explicit prior consent from the Hydrographic Service.
  3. You must delete the product if you no longer need it.