A look at the Defence news 8 – 14 March

Even the COVID-19 crisis could not stop the international air and missile defence exercise Joint Project Optic Windmill 21 (JPOW21) from going ahead. Technological developments have led to an increased airborne threat, warranting this type of exercise in which 8 countries are taking part from various locations. The organisation, coordination and the majority of the physical activities are taking place at the Vredepeel barracks. This is the home base of the Netherlands Ground-based Air Defence Command. JPOW is simultaneously being conducted from 14 other locations in Europe and the United States via links to the JPOW network. Dozens of military units and staffs are involved in the exercise, which will run until 26 March.

Militairen stellen een AMRAAM-lanceercontainer op tijdens de NSS 2014.
The surface to air missile system.

The Netherlands assists Belgium with airspace protection

Volkel Air Base is currently protecting the airspace over the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The Netherlands has temporarily taken over this task from Belgium following an incident with a Belgian F-16. The Benelux airspace is monitored in turn by the Netherlands and Belgium. Belgium was originally scheduled to carry out this task for a longer period.