A look at the Defence news 26 April – 2 May

The Royal Netherlands Navy participated in the annual international mine countermeasures operation Open Spirit off the coast of Estonia. The purpose of the operation is to clear live ordnance left over from the First and Second World Wars and enhance international cooperation. Twenty-one vessels from 11 countries took part.

A Navy ship.
Navy counters sea mines in the Baltic Sea.

Threat from countries such as Russia and China increasingly refined

“The threat from countries such as Russia, China and others in the cyber domain and in terms of espionage is becoming increasingly refined. The threats further increased in 2020 as well.” This was the conclusion of Major General Jan Swillens, Director of the Defence Intelligence and Security Service. He was responding to the 2020 annual report published by his organisation.

End of special forces training mission in northern Afghanistan

A brief ceremony marked the end of the training mission of Dutch and German special forces in northern Afghanistan, where the Special Operations Advisory Team spent the last three years training, advising and assisting troops of Afghan Territorial Force 888.