A look at the Defence news 31 May – 6 June

A cargo aircraft carrying 2 military oxygen containers left Eindhoven Air Base for Suriname. The containers can be used to make medicinal oxygen. Additional oxygen is badly needed for the treatment of the many COVID-19 patients in Suriname. In addition to the containers, a 5-strong Defence team also travelled to Paramaribo.

Human remains found during aircraft recovery operation

A number of obscure bone fragments, the sole of a boot and small shreds of pilot's clothing have been found in Nieuwe Niedorp during excavation operations surrounding a Wellington bomber. The aircraft was shot down by a German night fighter in the Second World War. The human remains and other finds are believed to belong to the Czech crew.

Fighter pilots decorated for operations against ISIS

87 Dutch F-16 pilots have been awarded the prestigious American Air Medal. Between 2014 and 2018, the pilots made a large number of sorties over Iraq and eastern Syria in the fight against ISIS.