A look at the Defence news 9 - 15 August

Working alongside Netherlands Coast Guard units, naval vessel HNLMS Holland has seized 1,325 kilos of drugs. Smugglers were transporting the drugs in a speedboat south of Curaçao. Twelve people were arrested.

Enlarge image Zr.Ms. Holland op zee.
Naval vessel HNLMS Holland

Airborne military fire service proves its worth in Albania

The wildfire on the Albanian peninsula of Karaburun is under control. The Dutch Chinook transport helicopter proved its worth during this operation. The military fire-extinguishing operation from the air led to a decrease in the fire.

Afterwards, two Chinook helicopters (including the reserve aircraft) were deployed to different areas in the north of Albania. They were sent to the areas where the need was the greatest.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force also sent a tank container to Albania. This enables the aircraft to refuel without flying long distances.