A look at the Defence news 27 September – 3 October

Belgian military personnel carried out the final air operation in the Middle East last week. The operation was executed from a base in Jordan where Dutch army personnel were providing security for Belgian F-16s. This is now no longer required and Dutch military personnel will return to the Netherlands this month. Dutch and Belgian military personnel provided security for the fighter jets and their personnel in rotation.

Military personnel.
Dutch military personnel will return from Jordan to the Netherlands this month.

Woensdrecht opens ultramodern facilities for F-35 engine maintenance

2 ultramodern buildings for the maintenance of European F-35 engines were opened on Woensdrecht Air Base last week. These are state-of-the-art facilities, where F-35 engines are also thoroughly tested. The 1st group of personnel has now started work at the new facilities. They were given special training to be able to independently maintain the engines of the successor to the F-16. Woensdrecht is the 1st European facility that has opened for this purpose.

Crew of HNLMS Rotterdam stays on board in Dublin due to COVID risk

The members of the crew of HNLMS Rotterdam were not allowed to disembark in Dublin during the port visit last week. Possible COVID infections on board led to the decision to impose a ban on personnel going ashore. The Rotterdam is 1 of 3 Dutch ships participating in the NATO exercise Hebrides Archer 21. During this deployment, the ships and a marine unit are training for future tasks.