A look at the Defence news 4 – 10 October

The Netherlands Ministry of Defence’s last KDC-10 tanker and transport aircraft flew a farewell tour over military locations in the Netherlands. 2 McDonnell Douglas KDC-10s had been in use by the Defence organisation since 1995. Defence now no longer has strategic airlift and tanker capacity of its own. This has been replaced by participation in NATO’s international tanker and transport pool.

A KDC-10 airplane.
Defence said farewell to the KDC-10 tanker and transport aircraft.

Defence once again houses asylum seekers at military sites

The Defence organisation has once again provided assistance in the accommodation of asylum seekers. This time it involved not only Afghans, but also people from other countries. Up to 1,050 people will be temporarily accommodated at the Amsterdam Naval Barracks and at Harskamp Barracks in Ede.

Designated Defence site at Eemshaven port

The opening of what is known as a Permanent Military Object means that the Defence organisation now has its own fixed military location at Eemshaven port in the province of Groningen. The new building accommodates Defence traffic and transport specialists. They plan, coordinate and are responsible for loading and unloading cargo ships carrying military equipment.