A look at the Defence news 22 - 28 November

The residents of the southern Netherlands will have the opportunity to spot substantial numbers of helicopters until mid-December. Over the coming 2 weeks, approximately 40 American Chinooks, Black Hawks and Apaches will be flying from Vlissingen (Flushing) to Germany, while 60 helicopters of the same type will be making the opposite journey. This helicopter activity is a result of a rotation at the US helicopter brigade based in Germany.

Enlarge image A military march-past.
Dutch military personnel took part in the Surinamese Independence Day march-past.

Participation in march-past closes port visit in Suriname

A detachment from Royal Netherlands Navy vessel HNLS Pelikaan took part in the Surinamese Independence Day march-past last week. The parade closed the ship’s port visit, during which military personnel from the 2 countries exchanged experiences and expertise.