The Netherlands to also supply anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

The Netherlands will supply military goods to Ukraine for a third time. Fifty Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank weapons will be delivered together with 400 rocket-propelled grenades. In addition, the Netherlands Ministry of Defence is exploring the possibility of supplying, in cooperation with Germany, a Patriot air defence unit for a NATO battle group in Slovakia. Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren informed the Netherlands House of Representatives of this today.

Enlarge image Militairen met een panzerfaust.
Archive image: Military personnel with a Panzerfaust.

Ollongren had announced earlier today that the Netherlands will send 200 Stinger surface-to-air missiles to Ukraine. This contribution was in addition to the supply of goods, such as helmets, flak vests and sniper rifles, already promised. Ukraine requested military assistance because of Russia’s invasion on Thursday.

The supply of weapons will have effects on readiness. According to Ollongren, given the current circumstances, these effects are deemed acceptable.

The Panzerfaust is a man-portable recoilless anti-tank weapon. It can fire different types of ammunition up to a maximum range of 600 metres. It is suitable for use against tanks, armoured vehicles, fortified positions and (light) bunkers. Hovering helicopters can also be targeted.

Battle group

The Netherlands is also exploring the possibility of contributing Patriot systems and personnel to the new NATO battle group in Slovakia. This would be done in cooperation with Germany. Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and the United States are also involved in this battle group. The aim is to further strengthen NATO’s collective deterrence and collective defence on the eastern flank and reassure NATO allies in the region. 

The Patriot is a surface-to-air guided missile system for medium-range defence. The air defence system can reach an altitude of approximately 20 kilometres and cover a distance of 60 kilometres. It can be used to counter fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters as well as ballistic and cruise missiles. The system can operate fully automatically. The crew functions as operator and supervisor.