Squire radars, helmets and flak jackets on their way to Ukraine

Both of the pledged squire radars and the rest of the pledged helmets and flak jackets are on their way to Ukraine. A Royal Netherlands Air Force Hercules C-130 transport aircraft took off from Eindhoven Air Base today, bound for a country bordering Ukraine.

Enlarge image Een C-130 op een landingsbaan.
The C-130 containing military goods that has since set off for Ukraine.

This shipment means that all of the ammunition and almost all of the equipment pledged up to now by the Netherlands has now been sent. Only the mortar-locating radars have yet to be sent.

Squire radars

These mobile battlefield surveillance radars are capable of detecting moving vehicles, individuals or groups of people and low-flying helicopters. This will strengthen the information position of the Ukrainian army.

For security reasons, the Netherlands Ministry of Defence will not comment on how the military materiel will reach Ukraine from the neighbouring country.