First refugees from Ukraine received at Harskamp Barracks

The first refugees from Ukraine arrived at Harskamp Barracks yesterday. This concerns 120 people. They fled their country after the Russian invasion and are being housed temporarily.

The Ministry of Defence has made this location available at the request of the Ministry of Justice and Security and the municipality of Ede. At the barracks, there is room for a maximum of 950 refugees.

For the buildings where the refugees are housed, support is available in the shape of technical assistance, maintenance, laundry and the replacement of barrack goods. The municipality will provide catering and cleaning services.

In principle, the refugees can stay until 31 May 2022. If better (civilian) housing becomes available before then, they will transfer there immediately.

Firing exercises

Harskamp Barracks is an important Defence exercise location. It is mainly used for firing exercises. Because of the war in Ukraine, it is important for Defence to maintain readiness. That is why training and exercises will continue uninterrupted, even at Harskamp Barracks.