Netherlands to supply heavy equipment to Ukraine

Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren yesterday informed the House of Representatives in writing that the Netherlands will supply heavy equipment, including armoured vehicles, to Ukraine. Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Mark Rutte had informed President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine about the intended supply during a telephone conversation.

In that conversation, Prime Minister Rutte underlined the Netherlands’ ongoing support for Ukraine. He did so partly in view of Russia’s renewed offensive in the Donbas region. In light of developments in that region, the Dutch government believes that it is important to continue contributing to Ukraine’s self-defence.

No information

For security reasons, the Ministry of Defence will not provide information on the type of weapon system or vehicle that the Netherlands will be supplying. Information regarding quantities, departure and arrival dates and destinations will likewise be withheld.
A short training course in the use of the vehicles will be given outside Ukraine. An investigation is under way to determine whether the Netherlands Ministry of Defence can supply even more heavy equipment through cooperation with allies.