A look at the Defence news 30 May - 6 June

The Defence organisation will take significant steps to make the Netherlands stronger, Europe safer and NATO more robust. The Defence White Paper 2022 sets out how the Ministry of Defence intends to achieve these goals.

Enlarge image The presentation of The Defence White Paper 2022.
The presentation of The Defence White Paper 2022.

RNLM forensic investigation team returns from Ukraine

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee forensic investigation team has returned from Ukraine. For 2 weeks, the military specialists collected evidence relating to alleged war crimes committed by Russian troops. The results have been submitted to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Task of Dutch F-35s in Bulgaria completed

The F-35s that the Netherlands had stationed in Bulgaria flew their last sortie there last week. Their task was to guard the airspace on the eastern flank of NATO territory. The 2 Royal Netherlands Air Force aircraft had been available to NATO since 2 April.

Impact of supplying military materiel to Ukraine acceptable

Supplying military materiel to Ukraine has an impact on the readiness and deployability of the armed forces, but is still justifiable. The deliveries have no immediate impact on the Dutch contribution to the allied defence and the missions that the Netherlands is currently carrying out abroad. The Netherlands Minister of Defence, Kajsa Ollongren, and State Secretary for Defence, Christophe van der Maat, informed the members of the House of Representatives to that effect in a letter to Parliament last week.