A look at the Defence news 8 - 14 August

No enemy missiles have impacted on NATO territory yet, and if it is up to the Dutch and German servicemen and women stationed in central Slovakia, it will stay that way. From the Eastern European country, the Patriot air defence system is used to protect critical objects, NATO territory and its inhabitants against possible air threats.

This week, Netherlands Chief of Defence General Onno Eichelsheim visited the 100-strong Dutch force stationed in Slovakia. It may seem as though the unit has nothing to do, because firing has not been necessary so far. Everyone hopes that it will stay that way, but if the need should arise, these men and women are up to the task, assured the general.

‘Drugs hunter’ HNLMS Groningen unstoppable in Caribbean

13 suspects apprehended and almost 2,900 kilos of drugs seized. That was the total of HNLMS Groningen's latest haul in the Caribbean during 2 interceptions on 1 day. Earlier in the week, the vessel managed to stop 1,600 kilos of marijuana from hitting the market. The ship has made nine seizures since it took over duties from HNLMS Friesland at the end of April. In total it has intercepted over 9,000 kilos of contraband since then.