Dutch military support package for Ukraine

The Netherlands is again supplying heavy military materiel to Ukraine. The total value of the support package is € 120 million, of which € 45 million is designated for the provision of T-72 tanks. Together with the United States and the Czech Republic, the Netherlands will provide 90 modernised and reconditioned Czech tanks. Netherlands Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren today informed the House of Representatives of this initiative.

Enlarge image T-72 tank.
A T-72 tank.

The first batch of tanks is expected to be delivered to Ukraine as early as next month.

In a joint statement made by the three defence ministers, they stress how this provision of materiel demonstrates the continued support of the Netherlands, the US, the Czech Republic, and other allies, for Ukraine's self-defence.

According to Netherlands Defence minister Kajsa Ollongren, this comprehensive package is an important signal to Russia. Allies are continuing to pull together to support the Ukrainian armed forces in their fight against Russia's war of aggression.

With this military support package, the Dutch government is addressing the call made by the House of Representatives for continued support to Ukraine. Efforts in this regard are being guided by the needs assessment submitted by Ukraine itself.