The Dutch supply of Patriot air defence system to Ukraine

The Netherlands will supply parts of a Patriot air defence system, specifically 2 launchers and missiles, to Ukraine. The Netherlands is also responsible for training Ukrainian soldiers. Further The Netherlands will supply 100 vehicles fitted with anti-aircraft guns that were commercially purchased in the Czech Republic. Netherlands Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren reported this to the House today. During the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in Ramstein, Germany, agreements were made to accelerate the replacement process for the Patriot. In Ramstein, the ministers of defence met for the eighth time.

Enlarge image Archieffoto van Patriot-luchtverdedigingswapensystemen.
Archive photo of Patriot air defence systems.

Ollongren announced that the Netherlands will participate in a project with the US and Germany that will provide for the joint supply of Patriot air defence systems, including ammunition, training and parts for maintenance, to Ukraine. This cooperation is a result of an urgent appeal from Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy. He wants air defence systems so that his country can defend itself against constant missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian cities.

Enlarge image Nederlandse militairen trainden al honderden Oekraïense rekruten.
Dutch service members have already trained hundreds of Ukrainian recruits.

Enthusiasm for military training for Ukrainians on the rise

Ukraine has a continuing need for well-trained military personnel. The UK took the initiative at the beginning of July last year with Operation Interflex, which was launched to train Ukrainian military personnel rapidly and on a large scale. The Netherlands joined the operation. In the period September to November, approximately 90 members of the Royal Netherlands Army trained 400 Ukrainian recruits. From this month to April, almost 70 members of the Netherlands Marine Corps will train a further 400 Ukrainian recruits. Furthermore, a Dutch officer is serving on the operation’s British coordinating staff.

Troughout 2023, Dutch service members will train hundreds of Ukrainian military personnel.

Enlarge image De Oekraïense minister van Defensie Aleksi Reznikov en Ollongren.
A warm exchange between Ukrainian Minister of Defence Oleksii Reznikov and his counterpart Ollongren.


It was reported on a previous occasion that the Dutch government would be making € 2.5 billion available this year to support Ukraine. By doing so, the Netherlands is sending a message of undiminished solidarity to the Ukrainian people, who can count on Dutch support for as long as it is needed. The Netherlands is not alone in its stance. For example, the supply of tanks to Ukraine was discussed in the Ukraine Defense Contact Group. The Netherlands joined a group of countries, which includes Germany, that indicated that it would study the possibilities regarding the supply of Western main battle tanks, including the provision of training. That process will be further explored in the coming period. Furthermore, the participating countries again underlined their intention to provide long-term military support to Ukraine. They reaffirmed that this support is unconditional and will continue for the duration of the conflict.