A look at the Defence news 6 - 12 March

Since 6 March, HNLMS Rotterdam, HNLMS Karel Doorman, HNLMS Schiedam and HNLMS Van Amstel have been taking part in Exercise Joint Viking, a large amphibious exercise taking place off the coast of Norway. To this end, a large contingent of marines from 1 Marine Combat Group, based in Doorn, embarked on HNLMS Rotterdam. In the lead up to the amphibious exercise, the four navy ships assisted in securing the sea area in an international context during Exercise Joint Warrior.

Enlarge image A naval ship.
The navy took part in a large amphibious exercise off the coast of Norway.

Vredepeel the beating heart of European air defence exercise

A conflict between NATO and an aggressor equipped with the most modern weapon systems. It is of vital importance that the Alliance responds quickly and appropriately to any airborne threat. That is the scenario for Exercise Joint Project Optic Windmill, an international air defence exercise that started on 6 March. The Vredepeel, the home base of Dutch air defence, is the beating heart of the exercise, which will last until 1 April.

Outdated Chinook transport helicopters for sale

The Netherlands Defence organisation is planning to sell six outdated Chinook transport helicopters to Billings Flying Service, based in Montana in the United States. The family business is specialised in aerial firefighting. Last week, the Netherlands State Secretary of Defence Christophe van der Maat informed the Dutch Parliament accordingly. The Chinooks are well equipped for fighting large fires.

Another catch for ‘drug hunter’ HNLMS Holland

HNLMS Holland and the Colombian navy have together intercepted 800 kilos of cocaine in the Caribbean Sea. The catch was made on 25 February, but was only announced last week.

Lack of appropriate combat gear among female Ukrainian soldiers

The Vrouw & Defensie (Women & Defence) network has started an internal campaign to collect combat dress of smaller sizes. The network set up its campaign after an appeal was made by the Ukrainian network Veteranka, which is committed to female Ukrainian fighters. Currently, there is a lack of suitable gear for them, which is why Veteranka appealed for help from other countries.