A look at the Defence news 27 November – 3 December

Defence obtains access to cargo aircraft for outsized cargo
The Defence organisation can soon start using an international fleet of transport aircraft, managed by Strategic Air Lift International Solution (Salis).

Enlarge image An Antonov.
An Antonov.

The Defence Organisation has a 2-year agreement with Salis starting as of 1 January 2024.

General Eichelsheim calls for scaling up of production within defence industry

According to the Netherlands Chief of Defence, we are at a turning point in history. To General Onno Eichelsheim, scaling up within the defence industry is not merely a wish, but absolutely vital. The general said this last week at the annual exhibition of the Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security (NIDV) in Rotterdam.

Military cooperation between Germany and the Netherlands receives new boost

Germany and the Netherlands are giving new impetus to the further development of defence cooperation. At the Berlin Security Conference last week, the outgoing Netherlands Minister of Defence, Kajsa Ollongren, and her German counterpart, Boris Pistorius, signed a renewed Declaration of Intent to this end.

See also: Speech by Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren Berlin Security Conference.

RNLN minehunter keeps watch over vital infrastructure in the North Sea

In mid-December, the Royal Netherlands Navy will conduct patrols in the North Sea through the deployment of the minehunter HNLMS Zierikzee as part of a coalition of like-minded countries that together make up the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF). This partnership also keeps the Baltic Sea under surveillance. By conducting regular patrols, the northern European partners build up a picture of activities at sea and deter malicious actors.

Naval vessels brave winter conditions during Freezing Winds

The air defence and command frigate HNLMS Tromp and the minehunter HNLMS Vlaardingen recently took part in Exercise Freezing Winds for 2 weeks. This NATO exercise, which was organised by Finland, took place in the Gulf of Finland and the Finnish archipelago. The goal was for all participants to adapt to operating in arctic conditions. Both of the Dutch vessels are part of a NATO maritime force.

King at closing of jubilee year of Dutch and British amphibious force

Last week, King Willem-Alexander attended the annual Marine Corps concert, with the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Drummers and Pipers of the Marine Corps performing in the Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam. The concert marked the conclusion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the United Kingdom/Netherlands Amphibious Force (UK/NL AF). The anniversary was celebrated in various ways on both sides of the North Sea during the course of this year.