A look at the Defence news 4 - 10 March

RNLN to contribute to security and freedom of navigation in the Red Sea
HNLMS Tromp has departed for the Red Sea, where the air defence and command frigate will contribute to safety and free passage from the end of March.

Enlarge image HNLMS Tromp.
HNLMS Tromp.

The Netherlands drops food parcels over Gaza

On behalf of the Netherlands, a Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130 transport aircraft airdropped about 20 tons of food parcels into Gaza last week. Due to a technical failure, not all of the parcels could be dropped. The Netherlands cooperated with a number of other countries, including Jordan, Belgium and the United States, in this operation.

Helicopter detachment base in Iraq taking shape

The construction of the Royal Netherlands Air Force helicopter detachment's base has started at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq. From May onwards, the base will be used in the context of the NATO mission in Iraq. The first task is to set up a special tent for the RNLAF’s Chinook transport helicopters, a task that is currently being carried out by a team of army engineers.