A look at the Defence news 22 – 28 April

HNLMS Tromp sets sail for India from Red Sea

HNLMS Tromp’s deployment in the Red Sea has been completed. Since the end of March, the air defence and command frigate had been patrolling the area to protect merchant vessels against Houthi missile and drone attacks.

Enlarge image HNLMS Tromp.
HNLMS Tromp.

The ship's sensors, including radar systems, made the air defence and command frigate a valuable asset during this mission, as they enabled the ship to detect attacks early on. The ship thus also contributed to military deterrence. HNLMS Tromp is now on its way to India.

Dutch navy and air force exercise against submarines in Norway

For three weeks, several Dutch naval vessels and one submarine conducted exercises in Norwegian waters with the aim of increasing and broadening their knowledge of anti-submarine warfare. However, the Royal Netherlands Navy did not conduct these exercises alone; three NH90 maritime attack helicopters from Defence Helicopter Command were deployed as well, and there was also support from two maritime patrol aircraft provided by Germany and the United States.