A look at the Defence news 13 – 19 May

Military leaders from various partner countries discussed global tensions in Utrecht

Last week, military leaders from various partner countries met in Utrecht at the invitation of the Netherlands Chief of Defence, General Onno Eichelsheim.

The aim was to invest in a joint approach to the complex global challenges of today. The meeting covered topics such as the war in Ukraine, Russia's expansionism, and its global impact.

Armoured vehicles with remote-controlled weapons for Ukraine

In the short term, the Netherlands will supply YPR armoured vehicles to the Ukrainian armed forces. This was announced by Netherlands Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren during an online meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group earlier this week. The announcement follows a request by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

Ollongren on cyber threat: “Strengthening defence essential for NATO countries”

NATO countries face cyber attacks from Russia, Iran and North Korea on a daily basis. Only through closer cooperation with each other and with the business community can the alliance effectively address this cyber threat. Netherlands Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren said this at the Cyber Defence Pledge Conference in The Hague last week. The conference was attended by representatives from all member states and NATO partner countries.

Afghans honoured for their work for Dutch military personnel during missions

155 Afghan nationals who worked for the Defence organisation were honoured last week because of the contribution they made when Dutch servicemen and women were deployed to the country. The Afghans received a commemoration coin in The Hague.

Three marines posthumously rehabilitated in Pakisaji case

Three marines, Joop de Hoog, Louis Stokking and Martinus Smit, were posthumously rehabilitated by Netherlands Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren. This was done after a verification investigation by the Netherlands Institute of Military History. During the war of independence in the former Dutch East Indies, the three marines had refused an order to set fire to an Indonesian village. The marines considered this an act of revenge against innocent civilians, against which they had moral and religious objections. They were severely punished for their refusal to carry out the order.

Strategic movement no problem for the army

Over 800 military personnel and 200 army vehicles arrived at Camp Jonas in Kazlų Rūda, Lithuania, last week. Two convoys managed to cover the long distance from Germany through complex terrain within a few days. This shows that the army is capable of making a strategic move to an area of operations.

RNLN seizes ton of cocaine in Caribbean

HNLMS Groningen intercepted more than a ton of drugs in the Caribbean Sea. This was done in operations on 24 and 28 April, Defence announced last week. These are the first seizures of the naval vessel since it was again deployed as a ‘drugs hunter’.