A look at the Defence news 3 – 9 June

Together with Denmark, the Netherlands is to contribute €400 million to a Swedish fund set up to build CV90 infantry fighting vehicles for Ukraine. A large share of the vehicles will be produced in the Netherlands.

Enlarge image A CV90 infantry fighting vehicle.
CV90 infantry fighting vehicle.

In addition, partly on account of an initiative by the Netherlands to combine requirements, Germany has started an assembly line for Patriot air defence missiles. The Netherlands Ministry of Defence is to furthermore invest €54 million in Dutch industry for the development of drones required by the Netherlands armed forces. These initiatives, along with others, are set out in an action plan regarding the scaling up of production and delivery of military materiel.

Dutch naval vessel approached by Chinese helicopter and fighter aircraft

Last week, HNLMS Tromp and its on-board NH90 helicopter were approached by two Chinese fighter aircraft and a helicopter. The incident took place just as the Royal Netherlands Navy was conducting a patrol in the East China Sea. (See news item June 7.)