A look at the Defence news 10 - 16 June

For the first time during its deployment to the Red Sea, HNLMS Karel Doorman has provided medical treatment to a casualty on board the ship. It concerned a seafarer from a merchant ship that had been hit by two missiles in the Gulf of Aden. The victim was taken ashore for further treatment in Djibouti on 15 June.

It was also the first casualty since the Dutch naval officer Commodore George Pastoor took tactical command of Operation Aspides in the Red Sea in his role of force commander. He is based on the Royal Netherlands Navy vessel HNLMS Karel Doorman. The logistics support ship is in the Red Sea to supply fuel to naval vessels and to provide medical care. Commodore Pastoor has been force commander since 15 June. 

HNLMS Tromp concludes port visits in Asia during world trip

HNLMS Tromp has completed its final port visit in Asia. Last week, the naval ship left Nagasaki in Japan. HNLMS Tromp is now preparing for the next phase of its Pacific Archer world tour. The ship will soon be participating in Exercise Rim of the Pacific, the largest naval exercise in the world, held in the vicinity of Hawaii.  

Dutch military support to Ukraine exceeds € 3 billion

The value of military support that the Netherlands has so far provided to Ukraine has exceeded €3 billion. Since the last announcement in December, the Netherlands has supplied some € 470 million, bringing the total to € 3.1 billion. The latest support effort concerns mainly commercial supplies.

Royal Netherlands Navy intercepts 2,177 kilos of cocaine in Caribbean

HNLMS Groningen intercepted 2,177 kilograms of cocaine in the Caribbean last week. The drugs were on board of two go-fasts, which were detected by a Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard maritime patrol aircraft. HNLMS Groningen subsequently set course for the suspect go-fast boats.