A look at the Defence news 24 - 30 June

“If we want to know what the future of war will look like, we should look to Ukraine.” These were the words of the Netherlands Chief of Defence, General Onno Eichelsheim, spoken during the opening speech at a 3-day NATO seminar in The Hague last week.

Enlarge image Onno Eichelsheim.
General Eichelsheim

In his speech, General Eichelsheim discussed topics such as innovation and cyber security. The NATO Federated Mission Networking Seminar is held every 2 years.

Netherlands reaches agreement with Kenya on the status of defence personnel

Kenya and the Netherlands intend to sign a Status of Forces Agreement this year. This treaty will facilitate mutual cooperation and establish the rights and privileges of Dutch and Kenyan defence personnel stationed in the other party's country. The cabinet agreed to this intention last week.