PPR form for AMC Eindhoven Air Base (EHEH)

PPR requests for aircraft with destination Eindhoven Air Base.

In order to prepare for your arrival at Eindhoven Air Base, contact Base OPS Eindhoven 15 minutes prior to landing on:

VHF 131.915 MHZ or UHF 298.575 MHZ

Call sign: WHITE HORSE

Please note: military handling services do not provide external civilian handling services.

PPR form

Due to apron planning and the optimal use of existing air base capacity, Eindhoven Air Base requires PPR (Prior Permission Required) from incoming aircraft. This has to be obtained before arrival.

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Military fuel

Last minute changes will be charged due to planning and fuel stock.

Fuel (F34/JP8)(required)
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Handling equipment(required)
Ground power unit(required)
De-icing (max height 18m)(required)
Hazardous waste removal(required)
Information about the processing of your personal data

Eindhoven Air Base requires your personal data in order to process your PPR form. Personal data are destroyed after 5 years. The personal data of the crew (GenDec) are shared with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in connection with the RNLM’s border control duties. The RNLM stores personal data indefinitely.

Statement of agreement(required)

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